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Bob Martin, former Commodore of the Washington, DC, Seafarers Yacht Club ACM Registrar Habeebah Muhammad gives visitors a look at objects from the Plummer Family Collection. Go-Go group Cold-Hearted Band plays at Citified, ACM's portion of the Folklife Festival, July 30, 2012. Bob "the Griot" Smith tells stories to young people at a Mardi Gras program. Diane Cameron, Audubon Naturalist Society, and Jorge Borgantes Montero, Anacostia Watershed Society, at the "Citizen Scientist" community forum ACM Museum Academy campers recite their "Emerging Waters" poems inspired by the Reclaiming the Edge exhibit. The Metro Mambo Series drum circle with musicians Rudy Morales, William "Rashidi" Bowe, Rob White, and Sam "Seguito" Turner


Together with local communities, the Anacostia Community Museum illuminates and amplifies our collective power.
As our neighborhoods undergo social, economic, and environmental changes that individuals alone cannot address, there is a need for communities to bring together their combined knowledge and strengths. As a museum that convenes people and ideas, ACM documents and preserves communities’ memories, struggles, and successes, and offers a platform where diverse voices and cultures can be heard. We believe that bridging disparate parts of our communities can bring collective action to bear on forging a better future together.


Urban communities activate their collective power for a more equitable future.
We envision healthy neighborhoods that are empowered to work together to solve urgent issues. As a trusted and inclusive center, the Smithsonian Anacostia Community Museum seeks to inspire communities to take action, and is an incubator for the next generation of civically engaged citizens. By illuminating the intersections of history, culture, and contemporary social issues affecting DC metro area communities, including where they are in flux across urban/suburban boundaries, ACM uses a local lens to tell stories that resonate nationally and globally.


At the heart of all we do is:

Inclusivity: We believe in a diversity of ideas and opinions.

Creativity: We foster creative engagement to find solutions to problems.

Trust: We respect and rely on one another.

Empowerment: We unlock the power within ourselves to envision and build a better future.

Collaboration: We recognize our interconnectedness and share authority with our communities.

ACM is committed to:

  • Sharing authority with and respecting the expertise of our community collaborators
  • Amplifying peoples’ voices and using a local lens to tell stories that resonate nationally and globally
  • Fostering a sense of belonging, connection, and rootedness among DC metro area communities
  • Providing a platform for inclusive idea-sharing and community action
  • Inspiring sustained civic engagement

Click here for full Strategic Plan 2019 to 2024.