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Welcome to the On-Line Academy.

n 1999-2000 the Anacostia Community Museum renovated its facility to focus on the collection, storage and study of artifacts. This on-line academy is presented as part of the museum's recommitment to identify, study, preserve, and collect African American historical materials.

The current mission of the Anacostia Community Museum is to challenge perceptions, broaden perspectives, generate new knowledge, and deepen understanding about the ever-changing concepts and realities of ‘community’ while maintaining its strong ties to Anacostia and the D.C. Metropolitan region.



The Academy features a series of people offering their expertise and sharing their insights on different subjects within the field of material culture. Collectors, preservers, scholars, and educators conduct virtual lectures, workshops, and demonstrations for your enjoyment and education. We want you to use the information presented here along with the database of artifacts in the museum's permanent collection to think about what role material culture plays in helping us to come to a better understanding of the African American historical and cultural experience.

We hope that you enjoy the information, materials,and artifacts offered on the On-Line Academy.