Nellie Arnold Plummer and  Robert Plummer, twin siblings. Photo courtesy of Rev. Jerome Fowler.
Nellie and Robert Plummer

Anacostia Community Museum


Readings, exercises, a bilbiography, and implementation guides are supplied below to aid in the use of the Adam Francis Plummer Diary in the classroom. The readings and exercises are designed for middle school and high school students and based on the District of Columbia Public Schools Educational Standards.

Flowering tobacco. Courtesy of the Library of Congress.

Flowering tobacco. Tobacco was an important cash crop of the Colonial Period. The desire of wealthy planters to increase their profits lead to the rapid expansion of slavery in Maryland. Courtesy of the Library of Congress.

Core Materials




Middle School

Slavery in Maryland: Middle School Implementation Guide

Slavery in Maryland

Slavery in Maryland: Guided Reading

Adam Francis Plummer: Guided Reading

                                         Slavery in Maryland Classroom Worksheet

                                         Middle School Glossary


                                             High School

                                       Slavery in Maryland: High School Implementation Guide

                                       Slavery in Maryland

                                      Slavery in Maryland: Guided Reading

                                       Adam Francis Plummer: Guided Reading

                                      Adam Francis Plummer Classroom Worksheet

                                        High School Glossary


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