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Theatre panel made by museum academy student. Students examine tree rings as part of the citizen scientist outreach program.. Students visit the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center as part of the citizen scientist program.

The museum's outreach programs engage and connect audiences beyond the museum's walls. These include our signature afterschool Museum Academy Program (MAP) as well as teen and scout programs, and programs for adults with disabilities. Collaborations with community partners also extend the museum's reach. Current partners include Anacostia Arts Center, Anacostia Community Library, the DC Public Library system, numerous environmental and river conservation agencies, historical societies and guilds, and other government and private entities. The education department recognizes the value of reaching out to those who might not ordinarily come to the museum or who may have accessibility issues. This outreach extends beyond metropolitan Washington into outlying counties in Maryland and Virginia.

Museum Academy Program (MAP)
Designed to enhance reading, research skills, creative ability, and social and intellectual development, the Museum Academy is a cultural arts enrichment program for youth ages seven to eleven in collaboration with schools in the southeast neighborhoods of Washington, DC. Our current partner is A. Kiger Savoy Elementary School. Using the expertise of Anacostia Community Museum and Smithsonian Institution educators, historians, curators, and researchers, as well as the talents of local artists, illustrators, and writers, the program incorporates classroom-based studies with field trips and experiential learning activities.

With an additional focus on building and strengthening children's self-esteem, interpersonal relationships, cognitive development, and critical thinking, the Museum Academy helps children to advance in personal and academic growth. The program introduces children to cultural resources and institutions in and beyond Washington, DC, as a means to open a world of possibilities and opportunities for the children to learn, discover, explore, and express themselves. The Museum Academy Program is sponsored in part by the DC Children and Youth Investment Trust Corporation.

Citizen Scientist
The museum's Citizen Science Program is curriculum-based with projects designed to promote the concept of scientific inquiry in both the natural and physical sciences. The objective of this year-long series of programs is to develop environmental awareness and civic engagement among its student participants, and to enrich engagement with STEM content through hands-on and experiential learning activities. Student participants have explored river ecology, investigated indigenous mushroom species, and conducted experiments in watershed conservation.

Funding for the 2014-2015 Citizen Scientist Program was provided by.
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